Steps on How to Repair Foundation Cracks

    Steps on How to Repair Foundation Cracks

    The problem of foundation cracks can be difficult to diagnose. It’s not that you can’t tell if the foundation is leaking, but it is often hard to find the exact source of the leak. Here are some steps on how to repair foundation cracks.

    Steps on How to Repair Foundation Cracks

    First, always try to avoid repairing foundation cracks in wet areas. This is because they could end up causing damage to the structure’s structure. Once you see a crack in the concrete, you must take action quickly. After all, if you let it get worse, then the crack can enlarge and cause structural problems.

    The good thing about cracks is that they often happen due to erosion. This is why a crack should be repaired as soon as possible. In fact, you may even notice that there are leaks around the cracks.

    Plan ahead. Measure the area where the crack is located. Then, check the exact location of the area where the water will come out. You must fix the foundation where the water will come out, which means you need to have an accurate estimate on the size of the crack.

    Another thing you need to keep in mind is to check the area for debris in that area before you start repairing. This would also help you avoid more cracks. So, if you find any kind of obstruction in that area, then it is better to let the water drain. Otherwise, you may end up flooding the entire area, which is not good. If this happens, you need to have a second round of repairs.

    Seal the area and seal the cracks with a good grade of sealant. Most of the time, water seeps into the cracks. So, before you use a sealant, you should check the area first. This would ensure that the cracks won’t get bigger or get damaged further.

    There are different sealants available today. The easiest ones to use would be silicone sealant, plastic caulking, or caulk. But it is advisable to get professional advice so that you can choose the right sealant for your concrete.

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