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Kansas City Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing

JH Restoration, LLC understands your property is especially important to you. We also understand that when your property is damaged, you want to have it restored quickly to get back to some type of normalcy for you and your family.
Owner and operator, Jeff Hughes’ Mission is to provide the best customer service while maintaining quality services and offering affordable prices.

JH Restoration, LLC, has over 30 years experience in structural foundation repair Kansas City. No job is too small or too big for us. We guarantee all of our work to your satisfaction. We also do Brick repair as well as tuck pointing.


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Stone Foundation Repair Kansas City

In time, stone foundation wall surfaces create holes and cracks, developing paths for water infiltration, and also inevitably resulting in a myriad of issues. These gaps trigger increased deterioration and pricey future maintenance expenses if not properly resolved. Aged, worn-out mortar joints shed their waterproofing capacity over time by ground water wicking through the foundation walls as well as from hydrostatic stress from the outside soils.

Wall Crack Repair

If there are long splits in your basement walls or along the beyond your foundation, you’ll wish to get them evaluated and looked after sooner than later on. While these are normally from a residence or structure settling into the soil, they might likewise be an indicator of a more significant problem. This is why you need to have our wall surface fracture fixing team consider the cracks and also identify the reason in addition to apply a proper repair. For the majority of these, we can mount a fracture repair option that will keep it from expanding as well as quit any dripping.

Foundation Repair

A tough foundation is just one of the most fundamental parts of any kind of house or structure. This implies when you begin to notice any type of sort of troubles with your structure, whether it is fractures or recognizable sinking, it is extremely crucial that you connect to the structure repair work professionals to assess your residence or industrial area to figure out the reason and also deal with a remedy to your sinking or clearing up structure.

Foundation Crack Repair

While concrete splits appear to be regular, it is not advised that they remain overlooked. Many property owners best recognize concrete cracks in their basement, either on the foundation wall or on the flooring. They might also acknowledge cracks on the garage flooring, patio or in-ground pool.

These cracks normally due to drying out contraction, thermal motion or various other reasons typically are small as well as result in couple of problems. Usually, a foundation crack will certainly widen over time and lead to water infiltration or potentially the loss of structural integrity. Foundation and also slab splits are not just an eyesore, however they might hinder the worth of the residence.

Foundation Repair Cost

A lot of home owners will pay around $4,187 to fix structure problems. Major repairs including hydraulic piers can cost $10,000 or more, and also minor cracks set you back as reduced as $500. The regular homeowner pays in between $1,837 and $6,576.

Foundation negotiation as well as breaking can bring about significant structural problems for your residence. There are means to repair these concerns without tearing it out as well as starting from scratch. It can be an expensive job, but the far better educated you are about types of foundations, common concerns and also just how finest to fix them, the far better you can work with your service provider to locate a solution you can manage.

Basement Waterproofing

There is nothing positive regarding the term “damp basement” and also we certainly understand it. When you have actually got water in your basement complying with a storm or when the snow is melting, it indicates there is a trouble. We have actually obtained a great deal of experience with detecting cellar water troubles as well as creating distinct services to each. Our basement waterproofing specialists can execute a complete assessment of your basement to figure out where the water is can be found in as well as make a service to control the water getting in and stop damages to your home.

Bowed Wall Repair

If your cellar wall surfaces are bowing or bending inward, it is a very serious issue. It is caused by pressure from the outdoors normally from poorly compressed soil or hefty fluctuations in the quantity of water in the dirt. Our bowed wall surface repair service procedure can provide you with an irreversible fix that will certainly pull the wall surface back into place and also avoid it from bowing much more. This is a repair service that must be done as soon as you notice the issue since waiting as well long can lead to structure failing which requires substitute or restoring.


Our Foundation Repair Services

Below you can find our services.

Do you have substructure problems? In every aspect of life, preventive maintenance is much more economical than a major overhaul. The same goes for substructures. Neglect the warning signs today and the cost could easily increase.

These warning signs include:

  • Doors and windows that stick or do not open or close properly
  • Cracks in substructure walls
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  • Separation of walls from adjoining walls, floors or ceilings
  • Uneven floors

Home Foundation Repair

Whether you are doing home substructure restorations in this or any other area of the country, preventive restorations should be a priority and if ignored, will only turn into a bigger and more expensive problem. If you see any vertical or horizontal narrow or wide cracks, water seepage, or any other small issues, then now would be the time to handle it before it turns into a severe crack or worse, a buckling or bowed substructure wall.

Patching a crack will handle seepage in some cases, but does not stop the continued degradation of the substructure. Handle the underlying cause before it turns into a more major situation. Call us for your Home Foundation Repairs!

Whether you need tough pier systems, a long-lasting concrete leveling solution, or crawl space support jacks, we have the commercial restoration solutions that will better serve your project.

We specialize in the residential sector of substructure restoration and always strive to provide the best substructure restoration solutions. Our substructure restoration policy is to provide the homeowner with the best substructure restoration solution at an affordable price.

We offer a wide variety of substructure restoration services. We are well aware that one size does not fit all when it comes to substructure restoration. The type and combination of the different substructure restoration solutions depends on how severe the footing problem is and always depends on the many different soil types. For example, a home experiencing footing problems due to expansive soils would require different footing reconstruction solutions than a home which was experiencing footing problems due to collapsible soils. And vice-versa, a home experiencing footing problems due to collapsible soils would require different footing reconstruction solutions than a home which was experiencing footing problems due to expansive soils.

Now, there are some homes in our area which are experiencing both expansive soil problems and also collapsible soils problems.

We are a full service foundation reconstruction contractor. We specialize in reconstructing all of the different substratum problems which homes have been experiencing over the years. From expansive soil problems to collapsible soil problems Complete Foundation Repair Pros has the solutions at an affordable price. We also reconstruction concrete cracks in the interior slab of your home and also reconstruction the concrete cracks in the exterior of the substratum of your home.


Pre-WWII colonial with collapsing window well. Wall restoration was brick & mortar: rebuild a leaning wall while maintaining its aesthetic, which meant using salvageable material whenever possible. Jeff was personable and knowledgeable, providing a level of craftsmanship that was beyond expectations.


A pier on the wall of our driveway gate was partially knocked down by a brush-clearing company. Since our 103-year-old property is our livelihood (a bed and breakfast), it was important that the work be done well and done quickly. JH was the first to respond to our RPF and they gave us an accurate and reasonable quote. Thanks to a scheduling issue with another job, JH was able to fit our job in the next day and had the work we’d originally requested done in high quality fashion, then did some other tuck pointing we needed done on a separate building. We enjoyed working with Jeff – he is a complete professional who clearly loves what he does!


I did hire this person, he did a fantastic Job! Have given him another customer, they are very excited to have them do the work. He is the right man for the job and the price was good as well. If you have a job for him rest assured he will do it right and it will look excellent!

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