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Why Choose JH Restoration Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City?

Professional Services

From foundation crack repair to basement crack repair, crack injection and tuckpointing and brick repair services.

24/7 Services

If you are in emergency situation, please do not worry. We provide 24/7 service. Whenever you call, we will service you.

Affordable Price

We do more than repair services- we offer Basement Wall Repair services that need attention to to save your money.

JH Restoration LLC

JH Restoration, LLC understands your property is especially important to you. We also understand that when your property is damaged, you want to have it restored quickly to get back to some type of normalcy for you and your family.
Owner and operator, Jeff Hughes’ Mission is to provide the best customer service while maintaining quality services and offering affordable prices.

JH Restoration, LLC, has over 30 years experience in structural repair in Kansas City. No job is too small or too big for us. We guarantee all of our work to your satisfaction. We also do Brick repair as well as tuck pointing.


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We’re the Most Experienced

JH Restoration LLC is an acknowledged leader in the engineering and building of foundation repairs and basement wall repairs. When your foundation isn’t the issue, sunken concrete pieces around your property are typically at fault for triggering cracks and tripping dangers. Not just does sinking concrete develop threat for visitors to your property, however it also does not look particularly appealing. Using the Epoxy Crack Repair technique, JH Restoration LLC can carry out concrete lifting and leveling services that will make your patio, pathway, warehouse floor, airport, runway, driveway, pool deck, or garage floor as good as new!

The Only One to Engineer & Build

We’re the ONLY Kansas City foundation repair business licensed to ENGINEER and BUILD any kind of repair work project. What does this imply? You’ll deal with us through the entire task, not unidentified sub-contractors that you didn’t work with and can not control or anticipate. We can custom-made develop the precise right services for you and your budget, whatever that is. We’ll help you to find the best balance of achieving your goal and cost.

Why Choose JH Restoration LLC For Foundation Repair Services in Kansas City?

As property owners in the location know all too well, Kansas City soil composition can cause limitless foundation problems and other structural problems. For your residential or commercial property to stay functional with time, it needs to be appropriately outfitted to take on these threats. Fixing foundation problems when they develop is vital – which is why Saber Foundation Repair is here to assist!

In company because 1987, JH Restoration LLC is committed to offering skilled business foundation repair services that exceed expectations and keep your property safe. As a part of the Supportworks network, we have access to the market’s leading products for any foundation problem you might be dealing with. Our tested services consist of foundation piering for sinking or settling structures and much more products custom designed to carry out on your residential or commercial property.

Repairing your foundation faster rather than later will not just protect the stability of your property, however it will assist increase its value and make it much easier to sell when the time comes – no one wishes to purchase a structure with structural issues! Our professionals will stroll you through every action of the foundation repair work process and find you an enduring solution, no matter how huge or small the issue might seem.

Kansas City foundation repair and hillside repair work with retaining wall set up.

We’re the Most Trustworthy

If you or your friends have actually been taken advantage of by professionals in the past, give us the opportunity they do not should have. We’re up-front and truthful. We won’t try and sell you work you don’t require, simply what requires to be done. We’ll show up to your appointment with references and genuine client reviews so you know we’re not simply “smooth talkers”. We have inspected over 15,000 homes and fixed over 5,000 in over 25 years! There is essentially no other Kansas City foundation repair work company with that record except Alpha Structural, Inc

We’ve gotten where we are today by understanding that gaining the client’s regard and trust is done by doing the right thing for the customer – constantly. That is why we’re one of the most referred foundation specialists in Kansas City.

How much does it cost to repair foundation?

Average foundation repair cost for homeowners is typically just over $4000, or between $1800 and $6500. Minor patching of small cracks is often as low as $500, whereas major structural repairs or underpinning might cost over $10,000.

Custom Designed, Budget Solutions

We can custom develop the specific right solutions for you and your budget, whatever that is. We’ll help you to discover the right balance of achieving your goal and cost.

Why does this make us different? Oftentimes a house owner concerns us with a specific objective in mind and they may currently an idea of how they wish to do it or they may even have actually strategies currently drawn up. They often don’t understand that there are more cost effective solutions offered to them that will satisfy the specific same end goal. Other times they have a strategy but it will not really accomplish what they are wanting to accomplish. Because we can both engineer and build, we do not simply build what we’re told, without any idea provided to the expense or completion result. We’ll help you to discover the ideal balance so you can achieve the objectives you have for your home within a budget plan that makes good sense for you.


What is the best foundation repair method?

Best Methods of Foundation Repair:
  • Foundation Repair
  • Ram Jack
  • Crawl Space
  • Foundation Issues
  • Foundation Problems
  • Kansas City Foundation Settlement
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Helical Piles
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Signs Of Foundation
  • Pier And Beam
  • Foundation Repair Cost
  • Foundation Repair Services
  • Foundation Recovery Systems
  • Cost To Install
  • Foundation Repair Service



Our Foundation Repair Services

Below you can find our services.

Do you have substructure problems? In every aspect of life, preventive maintenance is much more economical than a major overhaul. The same goes for substructures. Neglect the warning signs today and the cost could easily increase.

These warning signs include:

  • Doors and windows that stick or do not open or close properly
  • Cracks in substructure walls
  • Cracks in exterior walls
  • Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  • Separation of walls from adjoining walls, floors or ceilings
  • Uneven floors


We offer a wide variety of substructure restoration services. We are well aware that one size does not fit all when it comes to substructure restoration. The type and combination of the different substructure restoration solutions depends on how severe the footing problem is and always depends on the many different soil types. For example, a home experiencing footing problems due to expansive soils would require different footing reconstruction solutions than a home which was experiencing footing problems due to collapsible soils. And vice-versa, a home experiencing footing problems due to collapsible soils would require different footing reconstruction solutions than a home which was experiencing footing problems due to expansive soils.

Now, there are some homes in our area which are experiencing both expansive soil problems and also collapsible soils problems.

We are a full service foundation reconstruction contractor. We specialize in reconstructing all of the different substratum problems which homes have been experiencing over the years. From expansive soil problems to collapsible soil problems, JH Restoration LLC has the solutions at an affordable price. We also reconstruction concrete cracks in the interior slab of your home and also reconstruction the concrete cracks in the exterior of the substratum of your home.



Pre-WWII colonial with collapsing window well. Wall restoration was brick & mortar: rebuild a leaning wall while maintaining its aesthetic, which meant using salvageable material whenever possible. Jeff was personable and knowledgeable, providing a level of craftsmanship that was beyond expectations.


A pier on the wall of our driveway gate was partially knocked down by a brush-clearing company. Since our 103-year-old property is our livelihood (a bed and breakfast), it was important that the work be done well and done quickly. JH was the first to respond to our RPF and they gave us an accurate and reasonable quote. Thanks to a scheduling issue with another job, JH was able to fit our job in the next day and had the work we’d originally requested done in high quality fashion, then did some other tuck pointing we needed done on a separate building. We enjoyed working with Jeff – he is a complete professional who clearly loves what he does!


I did hire this person, he did a fantastic Job! Have given him another customer, they are very excited to have them do the work. He is the right man for the job and the price was good as well. If you have a job for him rest assured he will do it right and it will look excellent!

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